Throughout history, blood transfusions have been noteworthy procedures in saving millions of lives each year.

Patients’ Welfare Association under its Blood Transfusion Services ensures the provision of screened blood products without any cost.

Being the largest single outlet blood bank in the country, PWA organizes many voluntary blood donation camps all year round.

The foremost objective of arranging such camps is to support the crucial need of blood for the patients by inculcating the importance of blood donation in public and encouraging those who are hesitant to do so.

At every voluntary blood donation camp, PWA with its resolute motive, witnesses a great deal of devotion and vigour of its valued donors who offer the most precious resource, their blood.

Amongst various blood camps which are arranged in collaboration with different organizations throughout the year, those organized at Dow Medical College are of particular importance as they play a pivotal role in replenishing our bloodstock.

Likewise, a major success was marked on 13th March 2020 when PWA conducted a voluntary blood donation camp at Denim Prive’, Karachi which gave a total of 148 bleeds.

In outline to these voluntary blood donation camps, PWA would like to present its gratitude towards all the donors who create an ocean of happiness with their few pints of blood, as Only Together We Can Make a Difference.

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Nov 29 2023


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